Virtual Lean Consulting™ Services

While many lean consultants today continue to use the same approach they've been using since the last century, we continue to find ways to deliver more value at lower cost by eliminating waste from our value streams.  How could we be expected to help our clients to become Lean if we don't practice Lean ourselves?   In our constant pursuit of perfection, we have created a new program to support clients that is more cost effective than on-site consulting while maintaining the highest quality service.  Based on our experience over the past several years with our Virtual Lean Consulting™ offering, we have systematized this service and are now offering three tiers of packages to our clients.  The goal of this service is to build your internal capability to solve problems and improve business performance while providing education, guidance, mentoring, and coaching.  Watch the video below and scroll down for more details including pricing for each tier.

 Virtual Lean Consulting™ and Training Packages with Pricing


We offer three tiers of support, depending on your current situation and needs.  Each tier includes:

1. Customized e-learning content to suit your business model and to suit individual participants.  We work to customize the course roadmap for participants based on your unique business model and industry. Each tier includes a number of logins.  The e-learning users may change as needed from month to month.  For example, you might have the executive leadership team participate for three months, learn some skills, and do some strategic planning.  Then, the next quarter, the participants could be a different group of individuals who might be departmental champions or change agents undergoing a customized Lean Leader program.  Depending on the plan, you might have multiple groups being trained during the same months in different programs.  We will design the programs to suit your needs.

 2. Weekly live Zoom sessions.  These sessions would be used for the following purposes:

  • Coaching/Mentoring individuals through Leading Projects, Problem Solving Activities, etc.

  • Facilitating groups through activities such as Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen Activities, or Hoshin Planning

  • Live Teaching Support

  • Lean Assessment Support

3. Lean Assessment/Analysis support.  Very often, if you are starting a Lean journey, or if you’ve been on it for a couple of years, you might want to assess where you are today.  Based on surveys and client-provided data plus interviews/discussions that can be done during live sessions, we will create a current state assessment of your operations.

4. Client Miro Board for participants to collaborate on projects.  We will create the boards and provide templates for multiple activities according to your needs.

5. Unlimited email/text support.


Package Features

Feature Bronze Silver Gold
Lean Assessment / Analysis Support (Surveys/Tools) Included Included Included
Customized Training Curricula to Suit Client Needs plus access to all online training modules Included Included Included
 # of Online Training Logins/seats 20 40 80
Client Miro Board for Collaboration Included Included Included
Virtual Live Support/Facilitation Hours/Month 8 16 32
Monthly Fee $3,500 $6,500 $11,500
Note: There is no long-term commitment required.  Program can be cancelled with 1 month's notice. 

Available Add-ons:

Additional Training Participants/Logins

SigmaXL licenses (if desired, for certain learners/curricula)

Additional Live Session hours or 1:1 coaching time

To learn more about these programs, contact us.  (Fill out our online contact form, and we'll be in touch to set up a meeting.)


Which stand-alone services are offered through Virtual Lean Consulting™?

  • Virtual Lean Coaching™ Services: EMS Consulting provides one on one Lean coaching virtually through Zoom (or through the client's preferred tool).  Virtual coaching will include 4 - 8 video and screen sharing sessions per month plus additional support time.
  • Lean Training and Facilitation Services with Coaching support: EMS provides access to our self-paced online Lean training combined with Zoom based live training and provides Lean coaching and facilitation services remotely utilizing Zoom (or through the client's preferred tool).   Facilitation can be done virtually for kaizen events and value stream mapping workshops.
  • Virtual Lean Assessment™: EMS will meet virtually with a small team to describe the process, utilize the team to gather data, analyze the data, and provide/present an assessment report.

To learn more, contact us.


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