Kaizen Event


Kaizen, which means "good change" in Japanese, is a philosophy of eliminating waste by making small changes for the better. Kaizen events are rapid improvement activities during which a team, led by a lean expert, analyzes and improves a process toward a particular goal using a problem solving process. Kaizen events are typically 3 to 5 days in length, and we come to your site to facilitate. 

Alternatively, our Virtual Kaizen Event facilitation services are typically offered over a series of weeks.  We will provide the training and facilitation, while the kaizen team will observe/video the process, collect data, and perform the implementation.  We will be there each step of the way to support and provide needed course correction.  Virtual Kaizen Events are less costly and more flexible.

What Does a Kaizen Event Involve?

  • Preparation including area and team selection, gathering background information, and goal setting.
  • Training for the team in Particular Lean Basics Including Problem Solving, 7 Wastes, and other relevant methods and tools.
  • Analysis of Current State Including Observation and Collection of Facts, Data, and Metrics.
  • Brainstorming to Identify Critical Wastes and Obstacles
  • Brainstorming to Identify Countermeasures and Improvement Ideas.
  • Development of Future State Process and Standard Work
  • Testing and Implementing New Process
  • Report Out and Celebration
  • Follow Up / Additional Actions / Daily Management

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