Lean Strategy Deployment


Strategy Deployment, or, as it is known in Japanese, hoshin kanri, is the process by which an organization identifies the most important breakthrough goals and initiatives and then deploy them through an iterative process of cascading through the organization. This ensures that everyone is working on the right things that will achieve the company vision and goals.   Strategy Deployment facilitation can be done in person or 100% virtually/remotely through a series of highly interactive virtual sessions.

What Does Strategy Deployment Involve?

  • Assessing the Current Situation
  • Holding Strategy Sessions with Senior Management to Identify Areas of Focus and Key Goals and Initiatives
  • Coaching Senior Management Through the A3 Process by Which They Identify Obstacles and an Action Plan to Achieve the Goals
  • Facilitating Sessions with the Next Levels of Management to Identify Their Goals and Metrics in Accordance with the High Level Plans
  • Coaching the Managers through the A3 Process and the Development of Metrics for Their Areas of Responsibility
  • Developing Daily Management Systems with Metrics and Targets
  • Instituting Front-Line Problem Solving in Accordance with the Daily Management System

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