Value Stream Mapping


Value Stream Mapping is a practice developed by Toyota, where it is commonly known as Material and Information Flow Mapping. A value stream map shows all of the actions required to bring a product or service to a customer. You might think of your value streams as the services or products/product families that you provide. In a Value Stream Mapping workshop, a lean facilitator guides a team through the creation of a current state map, a future state map, and an implementation plan.  This can be done in person on-site or remotely through a series of interactive virtual sessions.

What Does Value Stream Mapping Involve?

  • Identifying Value Streams and Selecting One for Analysis
  • Training in the Lean Concepts and the Value Stream Mapping Process
  • Analysis of Current State Including Observation and Collection of Facts, Data, and Metrics.
  • Brainstorming to Identify Critical Wastes and Obstacles
  • Brainstorming to Identify Breakthrough Initiatives for Connecting Flow and Delivering Better Value to the Customer.
  • Development of Future State Map
  • Development of a Value Stream Plan including Improvement Targets and Metrics and a High Level Timeline
  • Follow Up / PDCA to Achieve Goals Through Kaizen Activities and Daily Kaizen

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