Lean Coaching


In order to sustain a lean culture, it is vital that all employees in the organization have a common language of problem solving. The Toyota Business Practices approach, known also as A3 Problem Solving, must become the problem solving mindset. This thought process must be used in any effort to improve from current condition to target condition, whether it is at a strategy level or tactical, front-line level. Our approach to coaching utilizes the Improvement Kata / Coaching Kata methodology.  1:1 coaching is currently available in-person for select clients or remotely utilzing Zoom or the remote communication tool of your choice.

What Does Lean Coaching Involve?

  • One on One Coaching through the Entire Problem Solving / Improvement Process
  • Defining the Problem: Gap Between Current Condition and Target Condition
  • Identifying the Obstacles: What is Preventing Us from Reaching the Target Condition?
  • Step By Step Analysis and PDCA Experimentation to Narrow Down to the Critical Obstacles
  • Identifying and Testing Countermeasures to Achieve the Target Condition
  • Identifying the Next Steps in Following Up
  • Modeling Problem Solving Thinking and Daily Management for Managers

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