Why Choose EMS?


What separates us from other lean consulting and training organizations? We provide our clients with customized lean training, coaching, and facilitation support while helping them build the continuous improvement culture necessary for ongoing success after we are gone. We're not interested in becoming permanent fixtures at our clients' facilities; we're interested in helping our clients become self-sufficient lean organizations. Following are some factors that prospective clients should consider:

Our training programs are customized to each client's unique situation. Unlike most consultants/trainers, we do not use the same program for every client. We tailor our programs to meet the client’s individual needs and to suit the client’s unique situation.

We have experience from multiple industries and can apply our lessons learned across industries.

Our instructors / facilitators also provide hands-on consulting services for our clients; therefore, our clients receive training from people that are currently doing the work for our clients. Our instructors have faced many of the real-world challenges that our training clients have faced, uniquely enabling them to help our clients overcome such challenges.

Our clients pay only for the value they receive. Unlike many other firms, we do not engage in open-ended projects without clearly defined deliverables. Clients know what they’re going to pay and what value they are going to receive in return before we even begin our engagements.

We have the ability to look at problems from various points-of-view. Having implemented lean manufacturing in various industries, our principals have a unique combination of industry experience, business and financial expertise, and diverse academic backgrounds.

What Do Our Clients Say?

"EMS has been an excellent partner in our Lean Manufacturing Journey, providing both insight and support. Matching their approach to our goals, they have supported our Assessment, Training, and initial Lean Activities. EMS delivered a sustainable program, teaching our team the needed skills to make continuous improvement part of our culture. I highly recommend Darren Dolcemascolo and EMS Consulting Group." - Dave Mowry, CEO, Cutera, Inc.

"(EMS Consulting Group Sr. Partner) Darren Dolcemascolo did a great job helping us develop and execute a plan to integrate Lean Manufacturing / Operational Excellence into our culture. He worked extremely well with Gen-Probe team, training people from multiple sites around the globe in Lean Tools and Techniques, and was instrumental in ensuring that we had the skills to move forward on our own. I would highly recommend him to an organization who needs a Lean educator and coach.” - Jorgine Ellerbrock, Sr. Vice President, Operations, Hologic Gen-Probe Incorporated

"I’ve used EMS to implement Lean concepts at two different companies and they have always provided exceptional service. They supported my companies by conducting Lean evaluations, train-the-trainer, general employee training, implementation of 5s, and facilitating Kaizen events (both manufacturing and service). What makes them unique is that they are willing to tailor their Lean approach and material to any company or situation. It’s not your typical “canned-Lean presentation” and, unlike several Lean consultants, they do not pressure for additional work. EMS will only provide the services that you need to be successful. They have never disappointed to provide results." - Kermit Stott, VP Operations, Hydranautics

"(EMS Consulting Group Sr. Partner) Darren Dolcemascolo is very talented and helped our team with on-site and off site Lean workshops. He's able to explain the basic fundamentals of Lean to our beginners (not familiar with lean) with great examples and hands on learning. Darren also continues to stretch our more experienced lean team members. I sat through a few value stream mapping sessions with him and our team and was very impressed! Blue-White Industries has benefited tremendously from his experience, expertise and knowledge. " - Rob Gledhill, President and CEO, Blue-White Industries

"I engaged EMS Consulting Group, Inc. at Hycor Biomedical in Garden Grove CA to provide Root Cause analysis and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification training. Comments from the participants were very positive, and we derived a financial benefit and excellent return on our investment. I recommend EMS Consulting for their course content and very professional and effective delivery of the course content " - Phil Crusco, SPT International, Inc.

"Gen-Probe began working with EMS Consulting Group and Darren Dolcemascolo in 2009 to apply Lean concepts to the Operations and Quality divisions. Darren provided training to both the executive team and then in-depth, comprehensive training to a select group of would-be practitioners. He continued to work with Gen-Probe in a hands-on manner through value stream mapping sessions and kaizen blitz events. Darren is able to quickly see how the business operates and where the opportunities lie. Gen-Probe immediately achieved 66% - 95% improvement in processing and lead times in our first two manufacturing and business process kaizen blitz events. " - Jane Callan, Continuous Improvement Manager, Hologic Gen-Probe

"EMS customized their classes according to our needs; they were very flexible and open to suggestions. The instructor had a deep knowledge of lean and was able to keep the large class focused. I intend to use their services again." - Francisco Girone, Chief Operating Officer at JES

"My experience with Darren Dolcemascolo at EMS Consulting Group was excellent. He provided exactly the expertise that we needed and gave our management team and employees a valuable education and baseline on how to perform a Kaizen event." - Greg Hubbell, M&A and Sr. Operations Manager, The CBORD Group

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